image: soundsystem speaker (45 pixels)

The Right Note

If we do as well as Cliff and The Shadows have done up to now, well I mean, we won’t be moaning.

George Harrison, Evening News, BBC Radio, 1963/10/16


A studio sound engineer’s hand rests on the controls of a Mackie mixing console.

Mixing things up with the web — some of our favourite sites and sources on the internet. It’s a long list. Photograph by Rana Mullan




Rattle and Hum …

Moth cocoons make great percussion instruments. Historically, Californian Indians used the cocoons of hyalophora euryalus to make hand rattles and Mexican Indians still use the cocoons of rothschildia cincta to make ankle rattles — as certain tribes of southern Africa also do with the cocoons of gonometa and argema mimosae.