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The Right Note

Essentially my contribution was to introduce repetition into Western music as the main ingredient without any melody over it, without anything just repeated patterns, musical patterns.

Terry Riley, Rhythmos Magazine, 1992/10


A sound engineer makes adjustments to a recording at the sound mixing desk

Making a quality sound recording is easy with professional equipment and exceptionally long arms to help you manage it. Photograph by Rana Mullan

Our staff of two engineers keep Tribarac Recording Studio running on a friendly and efficient basis. Between us, we have just about all the experience and know–how you will need to help you achieve excellent production.

Aidrian Lacey–Porter

Life is in the key of A♭ says Aidrian, but why limit yourself? And why not, indeed?

Photograph of Aidrian Lacey–Porter outside Tribarac Studio, Macroom, County Cork

Who better to understand what musicians need than another musician himself.
Photograph by Rana Mullan

A multi–instrumentalist and songwriter himself, Aidrian is continually surprised by the unintended results that varied instrumentation will often bring to a tune.

You can interpret a song any way you like, but there will always be that one, often unexpected, phrase that works best on a particular instrument — whether it’s played on the piano, picked out on a guitar or fiddle, or even a sample knocking about in a computer. The trick is to recognise the opportunity for something special and to capture that when it happens.

Outside the studio, Aidrian also handles keyboard duties for the greatest car chase band in history County Cork’s very own bar room blizzards, The Sons of Steve McQueen.
Check out ‘The Sons’ here:

John Pettey (aka ‘JP’)

Modern recording technology demands a thorough understanding of computers and systems management, which is where John Pettey — better known as ‘JP’ — really shines his light at Tribarac.

Photograph of John Pettey outside Tribarac Studio, Macroom, County Cork

Wrangling digital technology and hardware so you don’t have to.
Photograph by Rana Mullan

Computers can be every bit as complex in their requirements as musicians, but they’re just as easy to work with when you know what you’re doing. Keeping a close eye on the latest developments in the best of modern technology and a deft touch on the controls, JP’s high standards define the core of Tribarac’s success.

You can’t overestimate the value of good dynamic range on a recording. A brilliant performance can be wrecked when the balance between loudness and silence is not handled properly. Certain sounds will get totally lost, instrumentation begins to clash … dogs start howling. If you want to hear that piece of music extra loud, there’s always the volume knob.

Steinberg Solvers

Tribarac Studios are proud to have been asked by Steinberg (the makers of Cubase Pro) to be 'Steinberg Solvers'. This means they have privileged access to, as yet, unreleased hardware and software with a view to running and testing in the studio environment. Cutting edge and ready to use, the opportunity for experimentation is too strong to ignore!

Solid State Logic

SSL produce some of the finest desks, effect modules and plug-ins in the world, and tribarac are delighted to be working alongside them in the development of new products. This means that you, the artist, will have access to the finest array of SSL effect and channel units (not yet available to the public), designed to accurately emulate the SSL K9000 desk, and giving you the best chance to achieve whatever goal you’ve set.

Talent to Spare …

Stevie Wonder not only wrote his classic hit, I Just Called To Say ‘I Love You’, but he also arranged and played all of the instruments and produced the record himself — a feat only ever matched by one other recording artist: George Michael with A Different Corner.